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Thomas Liehr (2023)


Created by Dr. Thomas Liehr (PhD),

affiliation: Institute of Human Genetics, 07740 Jena, Germany;

Publications of Thomas Liehr
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Abbreviations for Research Topics

CG = Clinical genetics; EVO = evolution; HET = heterochromatin; INT = interphase and chromosome structure; M = method / probeset development; PRE = prenatal; sSMC = small supernumerary marker chromosomes; TCG = tumorcytogenetics; UPD = uniparental disomy

Authors/ Title/ Where Contribution was Published
Impact Factor
C Keramida, I Papoulidis, E Pappa, T Liehr, K Kalmantis, A Gerede, E Pavlidou, MB Petersen, E Manolakis.
An asymptomatic male individual carrying a 5.72 Mb de novo deletion in 8p23.2‑p23.3: A case report.
 Exp Therap Med 2024, 27:241.
2.700 CG
Z el Amrani, A Natiq, A Sbiti, I Ratbi, T Liehr, A Sefiani, M Sahli.
Currarino syndrome in two Moroccan siblings with inherited 7q36 deletion due to maternal t(7;21)(q36;p11)mat: a case report.
Mol Syndromol 2024, 15:125-129.
1.100 CG
PG Setti, GA Deon, RZ dos Santos, CAG Goes, ADV Garnero, RJ Gunski, EHC de Oliveira, F Porto-Foresti, TRO de Freitas, FAO Silva, T Liehr, R Utsunomia, R Kretschmer, MdB Cioffi.
Evolution of bird sex chromosomes: a cytogenomic approach in Palaeognathae species.
BMC Ecol Evol. 2024 Apr 23;24(1):51. .
3.400 EVO
T Liehr.
Editorial: Co-occurrence of numerical and structural aberration—small supernumerary marker chromosomes and B-chromosomes.
Front Genet 2024, 14:1408674.
4.200 sSMC
P Hyckel, T Liehr.
Thoughts on the etiology of cherubism.
J Clin Med 2024, 13: 2082.
3.900 CG
861 n.a. EVO
NA Ariffen, AA Ornellas, G Alves, AM Shana'ah, S Sharma, S Kankel, E Jamali, B Theis, T Liehr.
Amplification of different satellite-DNAs in prostate cancer.
Pathol Res Pract 2024, 256:155269.
2.800 TCG
D Montjean, M Beaumont, A Natiq, N Louanjli, A Hazout, P Miron, T Liehr, R Cabry, I Ratbi, M Benkhalifa.
Genome and epigenome disorders and male infertility: Feedback from 15 years of clinical and research experience.
Genes 2024, 15: 377.
3.500 CG
WF Molina, S Khensuwan, RLR de Moraes, FdMC Sassi, GWWF da Costa, DZ Miguel, W Supiwong, S Jantarat, K Phintong, K Seetapan, S Ditcharoen, A Tanomtong, T Liehr, MdB Cioffi.
Karyotypic stasis and its implications for extensive hybridization events in corallivores species of butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae).
Heliyon 2024, 10: e27435.
4.000 EVO
G Jedraszak, F Jobic, A Receveur, F Bilan, B Gilbert-Dussardier, B Tiffany, C Missirian, M Willems, S Odent, J Lucas, C Dubourg, E Schaefer, S Scheidecker, J Lespinasse, A Goldenberg, A Guerrot,  G Joly-Helas, P Chambon, C Le Caignec, A David, C Coutton, V Satre, G Vieville, F Amblard, R Harbuz, D Sanlaville, M Till, C Vincent-Delorme, C Colson, J Andrieux, S Naudion, J Toutain, C Rooryck, B de Fréminville, F Prieur, V Cormier Daire, D Amram, P Kleinfinger, MB Schulze, G Raabe-Meyer, C Courage, J Lemke, EG Stefanou, T Loretta, M Emmanouil, S Kitsiou Tzeli, H Sodowska, J Anderson, A Nandini, H Copin, L Garçon, T Liehr, G Morin.
Cat eye syndrome: Clinical, cytogenetics and familial findingsin a large cohort of 43 patients highlighting the importance of congenital heart disease and inherited cases.
Am J Med Genet A 2024, 194:e63476.
2.000 sSMC
VC Sales‑Oliveira, RZ dos Santos, CAG Goes, RM Calegari, MA Garrido‑Ramos, M Altmanová, T Ezaz, T Liehr, F Porto‑Foresti, R Utsunomia, MB Cioffi.
Evolution of ancient satellite DNAs in extantalligators and caimans (Crocodylia, Reptilia).
BMC Biology 2024, 22:47.
5.400 EVO
F Ouboukss, Z El Amrani, H Bouchahta, I Ratbi, A Sbiti, T Liehr, A Sefiani, A Natiq.
A maternally derived complex small supernumerary marker chromosome involving chromosomes 8 and 14: case report and review of the literature.
Front Genet 2024, 15:1331676.
4.200 sSMC
R Kretschmer, GA Toma, GA Deon, N dos Santos, RZ dos Santos, R Utsunomia, F Porto-Foresti, RJ Gunski, A Del Valle Garnero, T Liehr, EHC de Oliveira, TR Ochotorena de Freitas, M de Bello Cioffi.
Satellitome analysis in the southern lapwing (Vanellus chilensis) genome: Implications for SatDNA evolution in charadriiform birds.
Genes 2024, 15:258.
2.800 EVO
853 16.600 CG
S Khensuwan, F de Menezes Cavalcante Sassi, RLR de Moraes, P Rab, T Liehr, W Supiwong, K Seetapan, A Tanomtong, N Tantisuwichwong, S Arunsang, P Buasriyot, S Tongnunui, MB Cioffi.
Chromosomes of Asian cyprinid fishes: Novel insight into the chromosomal evolution of Labeoninae (Teleostei, Cyprinidae).
PLoS One 2024, 19(2):e0292689.
3.700 EVO
J Gharesouran, H Hosseinzadeh, R Ghergherechi, S Shiva, M Taheri, T Liehr, M Rezazadeh.
Loss of helicase C-terminal domain of SMARCAL1 protein associated with severe Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia.
Pathol Res Pract 2024, 254: 155092.
2.800 CG

Authors/ Title/ Where Contribution was Published
Impact Factor
V Sales‑Oliveira, M Altmanova, V Gvozdik, R Kretschmer, T Ezaz, T Liehr, N Padutsch, G Badjedjea, R Utsunomia, A Tanomtong, M Cioffi.
Cross-species chromosome painting and repetitive DNA mapping illuminate the karyotype evolution in true crocodiles (Crocodylidae).
Chromosoma 2023, 132:289-303..
1.600 EVO
D Dedukh, A Maslova, A Al-Rikabi, N Padutsch, T Liehr, A Krasikova.
Karyotypes of water frogs from the Pelophylax esculentus complex: results of cross-species chromosomal painting.
Chromosoma 2023, 132:329-342..
1.600 EVO
T Liehr, M Ziegler, L Person, S Kankel, N Padutsch, A Weise, JP Weimer, H Williams, S Ferreira, JB Melo, IM Carreira.
Small supernumerary marker chromosomes derived from human chromosome 11.
Front Genet 2023, 14:1293652.
4.200 sSMC
E Angelopoulou, A Theodosiou, I Papaevripidou, A Alexandrou, T Liehr, Y Gyftodimou, EG Stefanou, C Sismani.
CHD2 pathogenic nonsense variant in a three-generation family with variable phenotype and a paracentric inversion 16: Case report.
Heliyon 2023, 9:e22987.
4.000 CG
T Liehr.
Perspective: Is there any reason to stay in human genetic societies as cytogeneticists?
Qeios 2023, VY79EZ.
n.a. other
F dMC Sassi, A Sember, GA Deon, T Liehr, N Padutsch, OT Oyakawa, MR Vicari, LAC Bertollo, O Moreira‑Filho, MdB Cioffi.
Homeology of sex chromosomes in Amazonian Harttia armored catfishes supports the X‑fission hypothesis for the X1X2Y sex chromosome system origin.
Sci Reports 2023, 13:15756.

4.600 EVO
T Liehr.
Any reason to stay in human genetic societies as cytogeneticists?

n.a. other
E Behluli, T Liehr, R Hadziselimovic, G Temaj.
Epigenetics and treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus.
Pharmacia 2023, 70:1005-1013.

1.100 CG
RLR de Moraes, FdMC Sassi, JAD Vidal ,CAG Goes, RZ dos Santos, JHF Stornioli, F Porto-Foresti, T Liehr, R Utsunomia, MdB Cioffi.
Chromosomal rearrangements and satellite DNAs: Extensive chromosome reshuffling and the evolution of neo-sex chromosomes in the genus Pyrrhulina (Teleostei; Characiformes).
Int J Mol Sci 2023, 24:13654.

5.600 EVO
G Hovhannisyan, T Harutyunyan, R Aroutiounian, T Liehr.
The diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic potential of cell-free DNA with a special focus on COVID-19 and other viral infections.
Int J Mol Sci 2023, 24:14163.

5.600 CG
 S Khensuwan, W Supiwong, C Suwannapoom, P Buasriyot, S Jantarat, W Thongnetr, N Muanglen, P Kaewmad, P Saenjundaeng, K Seetapan, T Liehr, A Tanomtong.
A comparative cytogenetic study of Hypsibarbus malcolmi and H. wetmorei (Cyprinidae: Tribe Poropuntiini).
Comp Cytogenet 2023, 17: 181-194.

n.a. EVO
PS Ambulkar, T Liehr, M Jain, J Waghmare, N Gangane, P Narang, AK Pal.
Molecular characterization of de novo ring chromosome 21 in a child with seizures, growth retardation, and multiple congenital anomalies.
J Genet 2023, 102:44.

1.500 CG
MP Barcellos de Oliveira, R Kretschmer, GA Deon, GA Toma, T Ezaz, CA Gomes Goes, F Porto-Foresti, T Liehr, R Utsunomia, MdB Cioffi.
 Following the pathway of W chromosome differentiation in Triportheus (Teleostei: Characiformes).
Biology 2023, 12: 1114.

4.200 EVO
FdMC Sassi, GA Deon, A Sember, T Liehr, OT Oyakawa, O Moreira-Filho, LAC Bertollo, MR Vicari, MdB Cioffi.
Turnover of multiple sex chromosomes in Harttia catfish (Siluriformes, Loricariidae): a glimpse from whole chromosome painting.
Front Genet 2023, 14:1226222.

4.700 EVO
E Jamali, A Safarzadeh, BM Hussen, T Liehr, S Ghafouri-Fard, M Taheri.
Single cell RNA-seq analysis with a systems biology approach to recognize important differentially expressed genes in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma compared to adjacent non-cancerous samples by targeting pancreatic endothelial cells.
Pathol Res Pract 2023, 248: 154614

2.800 TCG
L Spahiu, JA Sayera, E Behluli, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Identification of likely recurrent CEP290 mutation in a child with Joubert syndrome and cerebello-retinal-renal features.
F1000Res 2023, 11:388

n.a. CG
GA Toma, N Dos Santos, RZ Dos Santos, P Rab, R Kretschmer, T Ezaz, LAC Bertollo, T Liehr, F Porto-Foresti, T Hatanaka, A Tanomtong, R Utsunomia, MB Cioffi.
Cytogenetics meets genomics: Cytotaxonomy and genomic relationships among color variants of the Asian arowana Scleropages formosus.
Int J Mol Sci 2023, 24:9005
5.600 EVO
EH Steffensen, A Skakkebæk, K Gadsbøll, OB Petersen, T Westover, H Strange, The NIPT-SCA-map Study Group (including among many other T Liehr), I Vogel.
Inclusion of sex chromosomes in noninvasive prenatal testing in Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA: A survey study.
Prenat Diagn 2023, 43:144-155.

3.000 CG
JAD Vidal, FdeMC Sassi, RLR de Moraes, RF Artoni, T Liehr, MB Cioffi, MC de Almeida.
Giant sex chromosomes in omophoita species (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae): Structural and evolutionary relationships revealed by Zoo-FISH and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH).
Insects 2023, 14:440.
3.000 EVO
S Khensuwan, FdMC Sassi, RLR Moraes, S Jantarat, K Seetapan, K Phintong, W Thongnetr, S Kaewsri, S Jumrusthanasan , W Supiwong, P Rab, A Tanomtong, T Liehr, MB Cioffi.
Chromosomes of Asian cyprinid fishes: Genomic differences in conserved karyotypes of ‘Poropuntiinae’ (Teleostei, Cyprinidae).
Animals 2023, 13: 1415.
3.000 EVO
B Mingkwan, FdMC Sassi, N Muanglenm, S Pinmongkhonkul, K Pinthong, S Tongnunui, P Yeesin, A Tanomtong, T Liehr, MdB Cioffi, W Supiwong.
Evolutionary tracks of chromosomal diversification in Trichopsis (Anabantiformes, Osphronemidae) fishes: New insights from a molecular cytogenetic perspective.
Biodiversitas 2023, 24: 1551-1559.
n.a. EVO
D Heydeck, C Ufer, KR Kakularam, M Rothe, T Liehr, P Poulain, H Kuhn.
Functional characterization of transgenic mice overexpressing human 15-lipoxygenase-1 (ALOX15) under the control of the aP2 promoter.
Int J Mol Sci 2023, 24:4815.
5.600 CG
V Graiqevci-Uka, E Behluli, L Spahiu, T Liehr, G Temaj.
A new case of childhood acute lymphoblastic B-cell leukemia from Pristina.
Acta Med Bulg 2023, 50:59-62.
n.a. TCG
L Spahiu, E Behluli, V Graiqevci-Uka, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Joubert syndrome: molecular basis and treatment.
J Mother Child / Medycyna Wieku Rozwojowego 2023, 26:118-123.
n.a. CG
L Spahiu, E Behluli, R Hadziselimovic, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Mucopolysaccharidosis type III (subtype IIIB) diagnosis as a spectrum disorder: A case report from Kosovo.
Fol Med 2023, 65: 161-165.
n.a. CG
V Graiqevci-Uka, E Behluli, L Spahiu, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Targeted treatment and immunotherapy in high-risk and relapsed/ refractory pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Curr Ped Rev 2023, 19: 150-156.
n.a. TCG
25% of publications of Institute of Human Genetics Jena in the actual year

Authors/ Title/ Where Contribution was Published
Impact Factor
G Loof, D Szabo, V Garg, A Kukalev, LZ Redondo, R Kempfer, TM Sparks, Y Zhang, CJ Thieme, S Carvalho, A Weise, M Balachandran, T Liehr, LR Welch, A-K Hadjantonakis, A Pombo.
3D genome topologies distinguish pluripotent epiblast and primitive endoderm cells in the blastocyst.
bioRxiv 2022, 10.19.512781.
n.a. INT
E Behluli, N Nuhii, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Suspicions regarding the genetic inheritance of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in patients with Down syndrome.
J Mother Child / Medycyna Wieku Rozwojowego 2022, 26:104-110
n.a. TCG
S Azawi, S Kankel, T Liehr, M Rincic.
First cytogenomic characterization of murine testis tumor cell line MLTC-1.
MEBM 2022, 4: 10-14.
n.a. TCG
T Liehr, T Harutyunyan, H Williams, A Weise.
Restrictions and advantages of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT).
Encylopedia, 2022, 38834.

n.a. CG
Y Khalifa, HY Hassan, A Weise, T Liehr, H Alkhayyat.
Molecular cytogenetic and phenotypic characterization of Phelan McDermid and 22q13 duplication syndrome: a case report.
Mol Cytogenet 2022, 15: 52.
1.300 CG
LA Méndez-Rosado, N de León-Ojeda, A García, F Sheth, A Gaadi, AA Bousfiha, M Lehlimi, A Natiq, OS Kurinnaia, SG Vorsanova, I Iourov, D Huhle, T Liehr.
Clinical characterization of 72 patients with del(22)(q11.2q11.2) from different ethnic background.
Egypt J Med Hum Genet 2022, 23:158.
1.300 CG
T Liehr.
Was man zu Grenzen und Möglichkeiten des Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) unbedingt wissen sollte.
pädiatrische praxis 2022, 99: 7-14.
n.a. CG
L Spahiu, E Behluli, R Hadziselimovic, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Pathogenesis and therapy in polycystic kidney disease.
Acta Medica Mediter 2022, 38: 3001-3009.
V Graiqevci-Uka, E Behluli, LSpahiu, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Targeted treatment and immunotherapy in high-risk and relapsed/ refractory pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Curr Ped Rev 2023, 19: 150-156.
Y Wang, KR Kumar, T Liehr.
Molecular combing and its application in clinical settings.
Mol Cytogenet 2022, 15: 50.
T Liehr, T Harutyunyan, H Williams, A Weise.
Non-invasive prenatal testing in Germany.
Diagnostics 2022, 12: 2816.
P Mohanty, D Shetty, T Liehr, K Mrasek, N Khattry.
Intrachromosomal amplification of BCR expressed as homogenously staining region (hsr) in a case of acute myeloid leukemia with myelodysplasia-related changes.
Int J Lab Hematol 2022, 44: 993-994.
G Alves, MH Ornellas, T Liehr.
The role of Calmodulin Binding Transcription Activator 1 (CAMTA1) gene and its putative genetic partners in the human nervous system.
Psychogeriatrics 2022, 22: 869-878.
S Classen, E Rahlf, J Jungwirth, N Albers, LP Hebestreit, A Zielinski, L Poole, M Groth, P Koch,
T Liehr, S Kankel, N Cordes, C Petersen, K Rothkamm, H Pospiech, K Borgmann.

Partial reduction in BRCA1 gene dose modulates DNA replication stress level and thereby contributes to sensitivity or resistance.
Int J Mol Sci 2022, 23:13363.
T Liehr.
Chromosomal heteromorphisms and cancer susceptibility revisited.
Cells 2022, 11: 3239.
Z El Amrani, SC Elalaoui, W Jdioui, A Sbiti, I Ratbi, T Liehr, A Sefiani, A Natiq.
Complex translocation leading to13q interstitial deletion in a Moroccan child with retinoblastoma and intellectual disability.
Ophthalmic Genetics 2022; 43:689-692.

P Li, B Dupont, Q Hu, M Crimi, Y Shen, I Lebedev, T Liehr.
The past, present, and future for constitutional ring chromosomes: A report of the International Consortium for Human Ring Chromosomes (ICHRC).
HGG Adv 2022, 3: 100139.
V Nilius-Eliliwi, M Tembrink, WM Gerding, KP Lubieniecki, JM Lubieniecka, S Kankel, T Liehr, T Mika, F Dimopoulos, K Döhner, R Schroers, HHP Nguyen, DB Vangala.
Broad genomic workup including optical genome mapping uncovers a DDX3X::MLLT10 gene fusion in acute myeloid leukemia.
Front Oncol 2022, 12: 959243
806 5.200
T Liehr.
False-positives and false-negatives in non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT): what can we learn from a meta-analyses on > 750,000 tests?
Mol Cytogenet 2022, 15: 36.
TD de Oliveira, NA Bertocchi, R Kretschmer, EHC de Oliveira, MB de Cioffi, T Liehr, TR Ochotorena de Freitas.
Genomic organization of microsatellites and LINE-1-like  etrotransposons: evolutionary implications for Ctenomys minutus (Rodentia: Ctenomyidae) cytotypes.
Animals 2022, 12: 2091.
T Harutyunyan, T Liehr.
Can age related mosaic loss of Y chromosome really cause cardiac damage in men?
eletter (1) for Sano, et al.
Science 2022, 377:292-297
(as just a comment)
V Barbaro, A Orvieto, G Alvisi, M Bertolin, F Bonelli, T Liehr, T Harutyunyan, S Kankel, G Joksic, S Ferrari, E Daniele, D Ponzin, D Bettio, L Salviati, E Di Iorio.
Analysis and pharmacological modulation of senescence in human epithelial stem cells.
J Cell Mol Med 2022, 26: 3977-3994.
5.300 CG
S Azawi, L-M Barf, T Liehr, S Kankel, M Rincic.
First cytogenomic characterization of murine testicular tumor cell line I-10.
OBM Genetics 2022, 6: 159.
 n.a. TCG
M Paneque, T Liehr, C Serra-Juhe, U Moog, B Melegh, I Carreira.
The need for recognition of core professional groups in genetics healthcare services in Europe.
Europ J Hum Genet 2022; 30: 639-640.
5.200 other
GA Deon, L Glugoski, T Hatanaka, FdMC Sassi, V Nogaroto, LAC Bertollo, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, O Moreira-Filho, MdB Cioffi, MR Vicari.
Evolutionary breakpoint regions and chromosomal remodeling in Harttia (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) species diversification.
Genet Mol Biol 2022, 45: e20210170.
 2.100 EVO
T Liehr.
Was man zu Grenzen und Möglichkeiten des Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) unbedingt wissen sollte.
gynäkologische praxis 2022, 49: 425-432.
n.a. CG
N Baba, A Lengyel, E Pinti, E Yapici, I Schreyer, T Liehr, G Fekete, T Eggermann.
Microdeletions in 1q21 and 8q12.1 depict two additional molecular subgroups of Silver-Russell syndrome like phenotypes.
Mol Cytogenet 2022, 15:19.
1.300 UPD
A Weber, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, S Bilgen, U Heinrich, J Schiller, M Stumm.
The first neocentric, discontinous, and complex small supernumerary marker chromosome composed of 7 euchromatic blocks derived from 5 different chromosomes.
Biomedicines 2022, 10: 1102.
4.700 sSMC
M Paneque, C Serra Juhé, B Melegh, I Carreira, U Moog, T Liehr.
Über die Notwendigkeit der Anerkennung von sog. Kernberufsgruppen innerhalb der genetischen Gesundheitsversorgung in Europa.
Med Gen 2022, 34:81-83, correction under 34:189-191.
1.100 other
PHN Ferreira, FHS de Souza, RLR de Moraes, M Perez, F de MC Sassi, PF Viana, E Feldberg, T Ezaz, T Liehr, LAC Bertollo, M de B Cioffi.
The genetic differentiation of Pyrrhulina (Teleostei, Characiformes) species is likely influenced by both geographical distribution and chromosomal rearrangements.
Front Genet 2022, 13: 869073
3.700 EVO
W Kasiroek, S Phimphan, K Pinthong, C Suwannapoom, S Aiumsumang, T Liehr, W Supiwong, A Tanomtong.
Comparative cytogenomic analysis of cardinalfishes (Perciformes, Apogonidae) from Thailand.
The Nucleus 2022, 65: 57-66.
4.700 EVO
RRC de Matos, GM Ferreira, C Meyer, R Marschalek, P Larghero, RC Ribeiro, T Liehr, M Othman, MTdeSM Bizarro, E Sobral da Costa, MGP Land, E Abdelhay, R Binato, MLM Silva.
KMT2A-MLLT1 and the novel SEC16A-KMT2A in a cryptic three-way translocation t(9;11;19) present in an infant with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2022, 44: e719.

1.200 TCG
GA Deon, L Glugoski, FdMC Sassi, T Hatanaka, V Nogaroto, LAC Bertollo, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, OdB Moreira-Filho, MdB Cioffi, MR Vicari.
Chromosomal rearrangements and origin of the multiple XX/XY1Y2 sex chromosome system in Harttia species (Siluriformes: Loricariidae).
Front Genet 2022, 13: 877522.

3.700 EVO
X Fan, K Pinthong, EHC de Oliveira, A Tanomtong, H Chen, A Weise, T Liehr.
First comprehensive characterization of Phayre’s leaf-monkey (Trachypithecus phayrei) karyotype.
Front Genet 2022, 13: 841681.

3.700 EVO
T Liehr, A Weise, L Person, N Padutsch, S Kankel.
How to obtain high quality metaphase spreads for molecular cytogenetics.
Current Protocols 2022, 2:e392.

n.a. M
T Liehr.
Uniparental disomy is a chromosomic disorder in the first place.
Mol Cytogenet 2022, 15: 5. 

1.300 UPD
FHS de Souza, FdMC Sassi, PHN Ferreira, LAC Bertollo, T Ezaz, T Liehr, MF Perez, MB Cioffi.
Integrating cytogenetics and population genomics: Allopatry and neo-sex chromosomes shaped the genetic divergence in the Erythrinus erythrinus species complex (Teleostei, Characiformes).
Biology 2022, 11: 315.

4.200 EVO
A Wafa, B Ali, F Moassass, M Kheder, A Aljapawe, B AL-Halabi, K Mrasek, T Liehr, W Al-Achkar.
Acute myeloid leukemia due to germline CEBPA mutation in a Syrian family.
Mol Genet Genomic Med 2022, 10: e1854.

2.000 TCG
S Eck, B Fritz, C Haferlach, J Kunz, T Liehr, S Matos-Meder, H Rieder, D Schäfer, I Schanze.
Web-based external quality assessment (EQA) for genetic diagnostics provided by the German Association of Professionals for Human Genetics (BVDH).
ECA newsletter 2022, 49: 2-4.

n.a. other
T Liehr, IM Carreira.
PWG: Marker chromosomes.
ECA newsletter 2022, 49: 22.
n.a. sSMC
S Azawi, M Balachandran, F Kramer, S Kankel, M Rincic, T Liehr.
Molecular cytogenetic characterization of urethane induced murine lung cell line LA-4 as model for human squamous cell lung cancer.
Mol Clin Oncol 2022, 16:9.

1.200 TCG
RR Capela de Matos, M Othman, GM Ferreira, K Monteso, MT de Souza, M Rouxinol, JB Melo, IM Carreira, E Abdelhay, T Liehr, RC Ribeiro, M Silva.
Somatic homozygous loss of SH2B3, and a non-Robertsonian translocation t(15;21)(q25.3;q22.1) with NTRK3 rearrangement, in an adolescent with progenitor B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia with the iAMP21.
Cancer Genet 2022, 262-263:16-22.
1.900 TCG
29% of publications of Institute of Human Genetics Jena in the actual year

Authors/ Title/ Where Contribution was Published
Impact Factor
CF Yano, A Sember, R Kretschmer, LAC Bertollo, T Ezaz, T Hatanaka, T Liehr, P Ráb, A Al-Rikabi, P Ferreira Viana, E Feldberg, EA de Oliveira, GA Toma, MdB Cioffi.
Against the mainstream: exceptional evolutionary stability of l ZW sex chromosomes across fish families Triportheidae and Gasteropelecidae (Teleostei: Characiformes).
Chromosome Res 2021, 29:391-416.
4.620 EVO
M Volleth, S Müller, K-G Heller, V Trifonovo, T Liehr, H-S Yong, RJ Baker, FA Aanwarali Khan, CG Sotero-Caio.
Cytogenetic analyses detect cryptic diversity in Megaderma spasma from Malaysia.
Acta Chiropt 2021, 23: 271-284.
1.145 EVO
779 4.757 TCG
778 10.900 EVO
L Spahiu, E Behluli, R Hadziselimovic, T Liehr, G Temaj.
Mucopolysaccharidosis III: Molecular basis and treatment.
Pediatr Endocrinol Diab Metabol 2021, 27: 201-208.
n.a. CG
T Liehr.
Molecular cytogenetics in the era of chromosomics and cytogenomic approaches.
Front Genet 2021, 12: 720507
4.772 M
RLR de Moraes, F de MC Sassi, LAC Bertollo, MM Koh, PF Viana, E Feldberg, VCS Oliveira, GA Deon, ABH Al-Rikabi, T Liehr, M de Bello Cioffi.
Tracking the evolutionary trends among small-sized fishes of the genus Pyrrhulina (Characiformes, Lebiasinidae): New insights from a molecular cytogenetic perspective.
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4.772 EVO
O Kadioglu, MEM Saeed, N Mahmoud, S Azawi, K Mrasek, T Liehr, T Efferth.
Identification of novel drug resistance mechanisms by genomic and transcriptomic profiling of glioblastoma cells with mutation-activated EGFR.
Life Sciences 2021, 284: 119601.
6.780 TCG
F Santiago, R Tavares Silvestre, U Barros Otero, M Medeiros Tabalipa, M de Moura Ribeiro-Carvalho, L Rios Scherrer, ABH Al-Rikabi, T Liehr, G Alves, MH Ornellas.
The association of three DNA repair genes polymorphisms on the frequency of chromosomal alterations detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization.
Int Arch Occup Environ Health 2021, 94: 1567-1577.
2.851 TCG
F de MC Sassi, O Moreira-Filho, GA Deon, A Sember, LAC Bertollo, T Liehr, VCS Oliveira, PF Viana, E Feldberg, MR Vicari, M de B Cioffi.
Adding new pieces to the puzzle of karyotype evolution in Harttia (Siluriformes, Loricariidae): Investigation of Amazonian species.
Biology 2021, 10:922.
5.168 EVO
M Abdulazeez, S Kankel, T Liehr.
About the origin of the acrocentric part of non-acrocentric satellited chromosomes in humans.
Research Results Biomedicine 2021, 7:215-219.
n.a. HET
T Liehr.
International System for Human Cytogenetic or Cytogenomic Nomenclature (ISCN) – some thoughts.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2021;161(5):223-224.
1.941 other
T Liehr, N Fleischer, A Al-Rikabi.
 Next-generation phenotyping in cat- eye syndrome based on computer-aided facial dysmorphology analysis of normal photographs.
Mol Genet Genomic Med. 2021; 9:e1785.
2.473. sSMC
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About cryptic acrocentric pericentromeric abnormalities in infertile.
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n.a. CG
S Azawi, T Liehr, M Rincic.
First molecular cytogenetic characterisation of tracheal squamous cell carcinoma cell line KLN 205.
J Cancer Metast Treatm 2021, 7:38.
n.a. TCG
S Fuchs, J Lisfeld, S Kankel, L Person, T Liehr.
The acrocentric part of der(Y)t(Y;acro)(q12;p1?2) contains D15Z1 sequences in the majority of cases.
Hum Genome Var 2021, 8:32.
n.a. HET
       M Volleth, FAA Khan, S Müller, RJ Baker, D Arenas-Viveros, RD Stevens, V Trifonov, T Liehr, K-G Heller, CG Sotero-Caio.
Cytogenetic investigations in Bornean rhinolophoidea revealed cryptic diversity in Rhinolophus sedulus entailing classification of peninsular Malaysia specimens as a new species.
Acta Chiropt 2021, 23: 1-20.
1.145 EVO
T Liehr, I M Carreira.
PWG: Marker chromosomes.
ECA newsletter 2021 Vol 48, p 95. 
n.a. sSMC
 T Liehr.
Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT), what patients do not learn, may be due to lack of specialist genetic training by gynecologists and obstetricians?
Front Genet 2021, 12: 682980.
4.772 CG
VCS Oliveira, M Altmanová, PF Viana, T Ezaz, LAC Bertollo, P Ráb, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, E Fedberg, T Hatanaka, S Scholz, A Meurer, M Cioffi.
Revisiting the karyotypes of alligators and caimans (Crocodylia, Alligatoridae) after a half-century delay: Bridging the gap in chromosomal evolution of reptiles.
Cells 2021, 10: 1397.
7.294 EVO
 K Piaszinski, M Rincic, T Liehr, S Azawi.
Molecular cytogenetic characterization of the murine melanoma cell lines S91 clone M3 and B16-F1 with variant B16-4A5.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2021, 161: 82-92.
1.941 TCG
VA Trifonov, MB Cioffi, T Liehr.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2021, 161: 5.
1.941 other
S Ditcharoen, S Khensuwan, K Seetapan, P Soonthornvipat, C Suwannapoom, K Pinthong, S Tongnunui, MdB Cioffi, T Liehr, A Tanomtong, W Supiwong.
First classical and molecular cytogenetic analyses of Sperata acicularis (Siluriformes, Bagridae).
Taiwania 2021, 66: 203-213.
0.816 EVO
P Yeesin, P Buasriyot, S Ditcharoen, P Chaiyasan, C Suwannapoom, S Juntaree, S Jantarat, S Talumphai, MdB Cioffi, T Liehr, A Tanomtong, W Supiwong.
Comparative study of four Mystus species (Bagridae, Siluriformes) from Thailand: insights into their karyotypic diversity.
Comp Cytogenet 2021, 15: 119-136.
1.182 EVO
ÁS Roco, T Liehr, A Ruiz-García, K Guzmán, M Bullejos.
Comparative distribution of repetitive sequences in the karyotypes of Xenopus tropicalis and Xenopus laevis (Anura, Pipidae).
Genes 2021, 12:617.
4.141 EVO
R Hochstenbach, T Liehr, RJ Hastings.
Chromosomes in the genomic age. Preserving cytogenomic competence of diagnostic genome laboratories.
Europ J Hum Genet 2021, 29:541-552.
5.351 CG
KCDA Monteso , MAK Othman, RR Capela de Matos, DR Ney Garcia,  MM da Rocha, MT de Souza, LF Albagli, T Liehr, MGP Land, MLM Silva, ES Costa.
An original complex rearrangement involving chromosomes 9, 11, and 14, harboring a complex KMT2A gene rearrangement in an infant with mixed-phenotype acute leukemia.
J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2021, 43:e371-e374.
n.a. TCG
A Grigoryan, J Pospiech, S Krämer, D Lipka, T Liehr, H Geiger, H Kimura, MA Mulaw, MC  Florian.
Attrition of X chromosome inactivation in aged hematopoietic stem cells.
Stem Cell Reports. 2021 Apr 13;16(4):708-716.
7.294 TCG
 S Azawi , L-M Barf , T Liehr.
First molecular cytogenetic characterization of the MMT 060562 murine breast cancer cell line.
Research Results Biomedicine 2021, 7: 4-14.
n.a. TCG
EG Coci, U Koehler, T Liehr, A Stelzner, C Fink, H Langen, J Riedel.
Correction to: CANPMR syndrome and chromosome 1p32-p31 deletion syndrome coexist in two related individuals affected by simultaneous haplo-insufficiency of CAMTA1 and NFIA genes.
Mol Cytogenet 2021;14:17. Erratum for: Mol Cytogenet 2016; 9:10.
1.904 CG
T Liehr.
About classical molecular genetics, cytogenetic and molecular cytogenetic data not considered by Genome Reference Consortium and thus not included in genome browsers like UCSC, Ensembl or NCBI
Mol Cytogenet 2021, 14:20.
1.904 CG
I Miura, F Shams, S-M Lin, M de Bello Cioffi, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, C Kuwana, K Srikulnath, Y Higaki, T Ezaz.
Evolution of a multiple sex-chromosome system by three-sided translocations among potential sex-chromosomes in the Taiwanese frog, Odorrana swinhoana.
Cells 2021, 10:661
7.666 EVO
T Liehr.
Repetitive elements in human.
n.a. HET
V Spangenberg, M Arakelyan, E Galoyan, I Martirosyan, A Bogomazova, E Martynova, M de Bello Cioffi, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, F Osipov, V Petrosyan, O Kolomiets.
Meiotic synapsis of homeologous chromosomes and mismatch repair protein detection in the parthenogenetic rock lizard Darevskia unisexualis.
Mol Reprod Dev 2021;88:119-127.
2.812 EVO
P Chaiyasan, B Mingkwan, S Jantarat, C Suwannapoom, MdB Cioffi, T Liehr, S Talumphai, A Tanomtong, W Supiwong.
Classical and molecular cytogenetics of Belontia hasselti (Perciformes: Osphronemidae): Insights into the ZZ/ZW sex chromosome system.
Biodiversitas 2021, 22:546-554.
n.a. EVO
T Liehr, HE Williams, M Ziegler, S Kankel, N Padutsch, Ahmed Al-Rikabi.
Small supernumerary marker chromosomes derived from chromosome 14 and/or 22.
Mol Cytogenet 2021, 14:13.
1.904 sSMC
O Kadioglu, M Saeed, N Mahmoud, S Azawi, K Mrasek, T Liehr, T Efferth.
Identification of potential novel drug resistance mechanisms by genomic and transcriptomic profiling of colon cancer cells with p53 deletion.
Arch Toxicol 2021, 95:959-974.
6.168 TCG
743 19.160 HET
T Liehr.
Repetitive elements in human.
Int J Mol Sci 2021, 22:2072.
5.923 HET
F Sassi, M Perez, V Oliveira, GA Deon, F Souza, P Ferreira, E Oliveira, T Hatanaka, T Liehr, LAC Bertollo, M de Bello Cioffi.
High genetic diversity despite conserved karyotype organization in the giant trahiras from genus Hoplias (Characiformes, Erythrinidae).
Genes 2021; 12:252.
4.141 EVO
ME Rodríguez, I Cross, A Arias-Pérez, S Portela-Bens, MA Merlo, T Liehr, L Rebordinos.
Cytogenomics unveil the transposable elements driving rearrangements in chromosomes 2 and 4 of Solea senegalensis.
Int J Mol Sci 2021, 22:1614.
6.261 EVO
M Rincic, M Rados, J Kopic, Z Krsnik, T Liehr.
7p21.3 together with a 12p13.32 deletion in a patient with microcephaly - does 12p13.32 locus possible comprises a candidate gene region for microcephaly?
Front Mol Neuroscience 2021; 14: 613091
6.261 CG
S Azawi, M Rincic, T Liehr.
Cytogenomic characteristics of murine breast cancer cell line JC.
Mol Cytogenet 2021, 14:7.
1.904 TCG
S Azawi, K Piaszinski, M Balachandran, T Liehr, M Rincic.
Molecular cytogenomic characterization of two murine liver cancer cell lines: MH-22A and Hepa 1-6.
J Genet Genomes 2021, 5:1
n.a. TCG
IF Alarbeed, A Wafa, F Moassass, B Al-Halabi, W Al-Achkar, T Liehr, I Aboukhamis.
De novo adult acute myeloid leukemia with two new mutations in juxtatransmembrane domain of the FLT3 gene: a case report.
J Med Case Reports 2021, 15:22.
n.a. TCG
T Liehr, IM Carreira.
PWG: Marker chromosomes.
ECA newsletter 2021 Vol 47, p 32.
n.a. sSMC
O Kadioglua, MEM Saeed, N Mahmoud, SSH Azawi, M Rincic, T Liehr, T Efferth.
Identification of metastasis-related genes by genomic and transcriptomic studies in murine melanoma.
Life Sciences 2021, 267:11892
6.780 TCG
M Weber, A Weise, F Vasheghani, C Göhner, JS Fitzgerald, T Liehr, UR Markert.
Cytogenomics of six human trophoblastic cell lines.
Placenta 2021, 103:72-75.
3.287 TCG
75% of publications of Institute of Human Genetics Jena in the actual year

Authors/ Title/ Where Contribution was Published
Impact Factor
V Velissariou, F Sachinidi, S Christopoulou, L Florentin, T Liehr, A Efthymiadou, E Angelopoulou, D Chrysis, EG Stefanou.
Low-level trisomy 14 mosaicism: A carrier of an isochromosome 14 and a supernumerary marker chromosome 14.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2020, 160:664-670.
1.636 sSMC
M Manferrari, M Rincic, T Liehr, S Azawi.
Cytogenomics of murine melanoma cell lines C57/B1 and B16-F0.
Mol Exp Biol Med 2020, 3: 39-44.
n.a. TCG
GA Deon, L Glugoski, MR Vicari, V Nogaroto, F de Menezes C Sassi, M de Bello Cioffi, T Liehr, LAC Bertollo, OM Filho.
Highly rearranged karyotypes and multiple sex chromosome systems in armored catfishes from the genus Harttia (Teleostei, Siluriformes).
Genes 2020, 11:1366.
4.096 EVO
V Spangenberg, O Kolomiets, I Stepanyan, E Galoyan, MdB Cioffi, E Martynova, I Martirosyan, T Grishaeva, F Danielyan, A Al-Rikabi, T Liehr, M Arakelyan.
Evolution of the parthenogenetic rock lizard hybrid karyotype: Robertsonian translocation between two maternal chromosomes in Darevskia rostombekowi.
Chromosoma 2020, 129:275-283.
4.316 EVO
M Chaplin, JJ Kirkham, K Dwan, DJ Sloan, G Davies, AL Jorgensen (T Liehr was Delphi participant)
STrengthening the Reporting Of Pharmacogenetic Studies: Development of the STROPS guideline.
PLoS Med 2020, 17:e1003344.
n.a. other
S Ditcharoen, FMC Sassi, LAC Bertollo, WF Molina, T Liehr, P Saenjundaeng, A Tanomtong, W Supiwong, C Suwannapoom, MB Cioffi.
Comparative chromosomal mapping of microsatellite repeats reveals divergent patterns of accumulation in 12 Siluridae (Teleostei: Siluriformes) species.
Genet Mol Biol 2020, 43: e20200091.
1.771 EVO
T Harutyunyan, A Al-Rikabi, A Sargsyan, G Hovhannisyan, R Aroutiounian, T Liehr.
Doxorubicin-induced translocation of mtDNA into the nuclear genome of human lymphocytes detected using a molecular-cytogenetic approach.
Int J Mol Sci 2020; 21:7690. 
5.923 TCG
I Joksic, T Liehr, M Toljic, N Karadzov-Orlic, Z Milovanovic, Z Mikovic, A Egic.
Prenatal ultrasonographic manifestations of partial trisomy 12q (12q24.2→qter) and partial monosomy 2q (2q37.3→2qter).
Vojnosanit Pregl 2020, 77:754-757.
  0.430 CG
FdMC Sassi, GA Deon, O Moreira-Filho, MR Vicari, LAC Bertollo, T Liehr, EAd Oliveira, MB Cioffi.
Multiple sex chromosomes and evolutionary relationships in amazonian catfishes: The outstanding model of the genus harttia (Siluriformes: Loricariidae).
Genes 2020, 11:1179.476.
4.096 EVO
PF Viana, T Ezaz, MdB Cioffi, T Liehr, A Al‐Rikabi, R Tavares‐Pinheiro, LAC Bertollo, E Feldberg.
Revisiting the karyotype evolution of neotropical boid snakes: A puzzle mediated by chromosomal fissions.
Cells 2020, 9:2268.
6.600 EVO
N Ziller, R Kotolloshi, M Esmaeili, M Liebisch, R Mrowka, A Baniahmad, T Liehr, G Wolf, I Loeffler.
Sex differences in diabetes- and TGF-β1-induced renal damage.
Cells 2020, 9:2236.

6.600 CG
H Sheth, S Trivedi, T Liehr, K Patel, D Jain, J Sheth, F Sheth.
Mosaic chromosome 18 anomaly delineated in a child with dysmorphism using a three-pronged cytogenetic techniques approach: a case report.
BMC Medical Genomics 2020, 13:141.

3.063 CG
VI Romero, JC Pozo, S Saenz, A Llamos-Paneque, T Liehr, K Hosomichi, A Tajima.
A toddler with phylloid-type pigmentary mosaicism and ambiguous genitalia resulting from trisomy 14 induced by a der(Y)t(Y;14).
Hum Genome Var 2020, 7:28.

n.a. CG
A Wafa, RA Jarjour, D Alolabi, T Liehr, O Hamdan, JB Melo, IM Carreira, MAK Othman, W Al‑Achkar.
A new childhood ALL case with an extremely complex karyotype and acute spontaneous tumor lysis syndrome.
Mol Cytogenet 2020, 13:44

2.009 TCG
E Wahlbul, T Liehr, M Rincic, S Azawi.
Cytogenomic characterization of three murine malignant mesothelioma tumor cell lines.
Mol Cytogenet 2020, 13:43.

2.009 TCG
 PF Viana, E Feldberg, MB Cioffi , VT de Carvalho, S Menezes, RC Vogt, T Liehr, T Ezaz.
The amazonian red side-necked turtle Rhinemys rufipes (Spix, 1824) (Testudines, Chelidae) has a GSD sex-determining mechanism with an ancient XY sex microchromosome system.
Cells 2020, 9:2088.

6.600 EVO
M Pissaparn, S Phimphan, P Chaiyasan, A Tanoamting, T Liehr, C Suwannapoom, M Reungsing, W Supiwong.
First chromosome analysis of Thai pufferfish Pao cochinchinensis (Steindachner, 1866).
Biodiversitas 2020, 21:4309-4316.

n.a. EVO
A Al-Rikabi, L-B Liehr, T Liehr.
Glass-needle based chromosome microdissection – how to set up probes for molecular cytogenetics?
Video J Clin Res 2020;2:100004VAM08AR2020.
n.a. M
T Liehr.
Is molecular cytogenetic diagnostics of rare diseases in Europe close to extinction.
J Genet Genom 2020, 4:2.
n.a. other
C Sismani, S-M Rapti, P Iliopoulou, A Spring, R Neroutsou, M Lagou, M Robola, E Tsitsopoulos, L Kousoulidou, A Alexandrou, I Papaevripidou, A Theodosiou, M Syrrou, S Fuchs, M Hempel, D Huhle, T Liehr, M Ziegler, M Duesberg, V Velissariou.
Novel pericentric inversion inv(9)(p23q22.3) in unrelated individualswith fertility problems in the Southeast European population.
J Hum Genet 2020, 65:783-795.
3.172 CG
W Slimani, A Jelloul, A Al-Rikabi, A Sallem, Y Hasni, S Chachia, A Ernez, A Chaieb, M Bibi, T Liehr, A Saad, S Mougou-Zerelli.
Small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMC) and male infertility: characterization of five new cases, review of the literature, and perspectives.
J Assist Reprod Genet 2020, 37:1729-1736.
3.412 sSMC
M Zamariolli, A Di-Battista, M Moyses-Oliveira, CB de Mello, MA Ramos, T Liehr, MI Melaragno.
Disruption of PCDH10 and TNRC18 genes due to a balanced translocation.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2020, 160:321-328.
1.636 CG
H Hamdaoui, A Natiq, O Benlarroubia, T Liehr, H Dehbi, L Loukhmas, F Chegdani.
Near tetrapoloid karyotype with translocation t(11;14) in a Moroccan patient with amyloid light-chain amyloidosis and multiple myeloma.
Leuk Res Rep 2020, 14:100217.
n.a. TCG
P Viana, T Ezaz, M Cioffi, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, L Goll, A Rocha, E Feldberg.
Landscape of snake’ sex chromosomes evolution spanning 85MYR: Ancestry or co-opted sequences acquisition along their evolution?
Scient Rep 2020, 10:12499.
4.379 EVO
A Wafa, F Moassass, S Almedani, T Liehr, K Wilhelm, M As'sad, S Knippenberg, R Glaubitz, RA Jarjour, W Al Achkar.
A novel heterozygous variant in exon 32 of the CHD7 gene (c.6923C>T) in a Syrian family with Kallmann syndrome.
Res Results Biomed 2020, 6:154-159.
n.a. CG
A Wafa, RA Jarjour, A Aljapawe, S ALmedania, T Liehr, JB Melo, IM Carreira, MAK Othman, W Al-Achkar.
An acquired stable variant of a dicentric dic(9;20) and complex karyotype in a Syrian childhood B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia case.
Mol Cytogenet 2020, 13:29.
2.009 TCG
A Garcia-Angulo, MA Merlo, R Itiga, ME Rodriguez, S Portella-Bens, A Al-Rikabi, T Liehr, L. Rebordinos.
Gene clusters related to metamorphosis in Solea senegalensis are highly conserved.
Comp Biochem Physiol D 2020, 35:100706.
2.674 EVO
A Azawi, T Liehr, M Rincic, M Manferrari.
Molecular cytogenomic characterization of the murine breast cancer cell lines C-127I, EMT6/P and TA3 Hauschka.
Int J Mol Sci 2020, 21:4716.
5.923 TCG
AF de Figueiredo, MGP Land, GM Ferreira, A Mencalha, R Binato, RR Capela de Matos, T Liehr, MLM Silva, E Abdelhay.
Clinical and biological correlates of the expression of select Polycomb complex genes in Brazilian children with acute promyelocytic leukaemia.
Br J Haematol 2020, 189:e222-e265.
5.923 TCG
K Gadsbøll, OB Petersen, V Gatinois, H Strange, B Jacobsson, R Wapner, JR Vermeesch; NIPT-map Study Group (including T Liehr), I Vogel.
Current use of noninvasive prenatal testing in Europe, Australia and the USA: A graphical presentation.
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand 2020; 99:722-730.
3.636 CG
BP Potlapalli, V Schubert, J Metje-Sprink, T Liehr, A Houben.
Application of Tris-HCl allows the specific labelling of regularly prepared chromosomes by CRISPR-FISH.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2020;160:156-165    
1.636 M
 V Spangenberg, M Arakelyan, M Cioffi, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi, E Martynova, I Stepanyan, F Danielyan, E Galoyan, O Kolomiets.
Cytogenetic mechanisms of unisexuality in rock lizards.
Scient Rep 2020, 10:8697.
4.379 EVO
M Volleth, M Zenker, I Joksic, T Liehr.
Long-term culture of EBV-induced human lymphoblastoid cell lines reveals chromosomal instability.
J Histochem Cytochem 2020, 68:239-251
2.479 CG
RA Pilz, K Schwefel, A Weise, T Liehr, P Demmer, A Spuler, S Spiegler, E Gilberg, CA Hübner, U Felbor, M Rath.
First interchromosomal insertion in a patient with cerebral and spinal cavernous malformations.
Sci Rep 2020, 10:6306. 
4.379 CG
WF Molina, GWWF Costa, IMC Cunha, LAC Bertollo, T Ezaz,  T Liehr, MB Cioffi.
Molecular cytogenetic analysis in freshwater prawns of the genus Macrobrachium (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palaemonidae).
Int J Mol Sci 2020, 21: E2599
5.923 EVO
FMC Sassi, T Hatanaka, RLR Moraes, GA Toma, EA Oliveira, T Liehr, P Rab, LAC Bertollo, PF Viana, E Feldberg, M Nirchio, MMF Marinho, JFSE Souza, MB Cioffi.
An insight into the chromosomal evolution of Lebiasinidae (Teleostei, Characiformes).
Genes (Basel) 2020, 11: E365
4.096 EVO
MAK Othman, M Đurišić, G Samardzija, D Vujić, N Lakic, Z Zecevic, F Al-Shaheri, R Aroutiounian, JB Melo, IM Carreira, B Meyer, T Liehr.
Complex karyotype with cryptic FUS gene rearrangement and deletion of NR3C1 and VPREB1 genes in childhood B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A case report.
Oncol Lett 2020, 19:2957-2962 
2.967 TCG
A Zlotina, A Maslova, O Pavlova, N Kosyakova, A Al-Rikabi, T Liehr, A Krasikova.
New insights into chromomere organization provided by lampbrush chromosome microdissection and high-throughput sequencing.
Frontiers in Genetics 2020, 11:57
4.599 EVO
RT Silvestre, M Bravo, F Santiago, L Delmonico, L Scherrer, U Barros Otero, T Liehr, G Alves, M Chantre-Justino, MH Ornellas.
Hypermethylation in gene promoters are induced by chronic exposure to benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes.
Pak J Biol Sci 2020, 23:518-525
n.a. TCG
LA Mendez Rosado, D García, O Molina, A García, N de León, A Lantigua-Cruz, T Liehr.
Diagnostico citogenetico molecular en pacientes con trastornos del neurodesarrollo.
Arch Argentin Pediat 2020, 118:52-55.
0.635 CG
T Liehr.
PWG: Marker chromosomes.
ECA newsletter 2020, 45: 6-7.
n.a. sSMC
IP Ribeiro, IM Carreira, L Esteves, F Caramelo, T Liehr, JB Melo.
Chromosomal breakpoints in a cohort of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients.
Genomics 2020, 112: 297-303.
5.736 TCG
J Thielker, A Weise, MAK Othman, IM Carreria, JB Melo, F von Eggeling, O Guntinas-Lichius, M Ziegler, T Liehr.
Molecular cytogenetic pilot study on pleomorphic adenoma of salivary gland.
Oncol Lett 2020, 19:1125-1130.
2.967 TCG
63% of publications of Institute of Human Genetics Jena in the actual year

Authors/ Title/ Where Contribution was Published
Impact Factor
P Brown, RELISH Consortium (including T Liehr), Y Zhou.
Large expert-curated database for benchmarking document similarity detection in biomedical literature search.
Database 2019, baz085
2.593 M
GA Toma, RLR de Moraes, FMC Sassi, LAC Bertollo, EA de Oliveira, P Rab, A Sember, T Liehr, T Hatanaka, PF Viana, MMF Marinho, E Feldberg, MB Cioffi.
Cytogenetics of the small-sized fish, Copeina guttata (Characiformes, Lebiasinidae): Novel insights into the karyotype differentiation of the family.
PLoS One 2019, 14:e0226746.

A Al-Rikabi, MdB Cioffi, T Liehr.
Chromosome microdissection on semi-archived material.
Cytometry A 2019, 95:1285-1288.
3.124 M
J Mol Genet Med 2019, 13: 1000439
n.a. sSMC
T Liehr, A Weise, K Mrasek, M Ziegler, N Padutsch, K Wilhelm, A Al-Rikabi.
Recombinant chromosomes resulting from parental pericentric inversions - Two new cases and a review of the literature.
Front Genet 2019, 10:1165
3.258 CG
T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi.
Mosaicism: Reason for normal phenotypes in carriers of small supernumerary marker chromosomes with known adverse outcome. A Systematic Review.
Front Genet 2019, 10:1131
E García, I Cross, S Portela-Bens, ME Rodríguez, A García-Angulo, B Molina, A Cuadrado, T Liehr, L Rebordinos.
Integrative genetic map of repetitive DNA in the sole Solea senegalensis genome shows a Rex transposon located in a proto-sex chromosome.
Sci Rep 2019, 9:17146
VE Gokhman, MB Cioffi, C König, M Pollmann, C Gantert, L Krogmann, JML Steidle, N Kosyakova, T Liehr, A Al-Rikabi.
Microdissection and whole chromosome painting confirm karyotype transformation in cryptic species of the Lariophagus distinguendus (Förster, 1841) complex (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae).
PLoS One 2019, 14:e0225257
T Liehr, IM Carreira.
PWG: Marker chromosomes.
ECA newsletter 2019, 43: 14-15
T Liehr.
Report from the European Board of Medical Genetics.
ESHG Newsletter 2019, 34: 11-12
n.a. other
T Liehr.
Non-invasive prenatal testing – safer or simply more profitable?
n.a. PRE
ME Rodríguez, B Molina, MA Merlo, A Arias-Pérez, S Portela-Bens, A García-Angulo, I Cross, T Liehr, L Rebordinos.
Evolution of the proto sex-chromosome in Solea senegalensis.
Int J Mol Sci 2019, 20: 5011
IP Ribeiro, JM Rodrigues, A Mascarenhas, V Marques, F Caramelo, MJ Julião, T Liehr, JB Melo, IM Carreira.
 (Cyto)genomic and epigenetic characterization of BICR 10 cell line and three new established primary human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cultures.
Genes Genomics 2019, 41: 1207-1221
1.188 TCG
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4.124 sSMC
80% of publications of Institute of Human Genetics Jena in the actual year

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Impact Factor
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