About Pukas
Pookas - About the next relatives of the
                          ‘big white rabbit’ known from “Harvey” - Dr.
                          Thomas Liehr

Taolegus gauchis (Sandy)

Pukas of this family (hangers) hang themselves to all possible and impossible parts of the human partner’s body. In general, they never leave their partner and their way of life is reminiscent of that of the sloths.
Sandy hangs with its anterior extremities on the shoulders of the human partner.
Sandy  specializes in right-handed people; his left front extremity is greatly extended compared to the right one. As a result, Sandy always looks over the human partner's right shoulder. The hind limbs, which are only needed in the search for a symbiotic partner, are greatly reduced here, as well as in T. droites.

Size: 0.5 m

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