About Pukas
Pookas - About the next relatives of the
                          ‘big white rabbit’ known from “Harvey” - Dr.
                          Thomas Liehr

Gepilapus longimanus (Jepi)


Jepi is squatter. If such a Puka has found a human partner, it becomes attached to a certain part of the human body and stays there most of the time during the partnership. They are divided into the head- and shoulder squatters. A (one-sided) deafness can be the result of a symbiosis with such a Puka.
Jepi is ideally adapted to its habitat as a headsqautter. His long forearms serve to hold at the partner's head (especially the ears), while his big feet promise good grip on the round skull; through the long neck and big eyes, he has an optimal overview. For smaller people, a Jepi is a great help. E.g. in cinema Jepi can tell the story on the screen in case of a giant sitting well in front of you in the cinema. All he has to do is bend his neck a bit to be able to speak directly into the man’s ear. Sometimes he annoys his human partner by trying to shut his ears by his paws or to blow or sneeze into them.

Size: 0.5 m

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