About Pukas
Pookas - About the next relatives of the
                          ‘big white rabbit’ known from “Harvey” - Dr.
                          Thomas Liehr

Lagolagus spirodillus (Kathy)

jumping                                         sleeping

Kathy is an Accompanying Puka only suited for people only for people who really rest in themselves, as its locomotion mode is very 
Tail is reshaped spring-like and used for locomotion; this evolution results in a seemingly insecure and unobtrusive mode of moving forward.   
The ears are muscular and coupled together at the tips by a special mechanism. For this purpose, they are built asymmetrically. The ears serve in the ‘erected’ state for stabilization during jumping locomotion. While sleeping, they fulfill the task of protecting the Puka from excessive cooling, as does the tail.

Size: 0.8 m.

set up using free programm https://seamonkey.at//start