About Pukas
Pookas - About the next relatives of the
                          ‘big white rabbit’ known from “Harvey” - Dr.
                          Thomas Liehr

Lagolagus hopsoquirrus (Samy)

jumping                                                                           resting

Samy is an Accompanying Puka only suited for people who are not easily nervous, as its locomotion mode is very 
It has a greatly enlarged stub-tail, which is capable of propagating an abrupt expansion. It consists of elastic cartilage substance, and can be filled with blood very suddenly by additional core hearts.   
The into a ”sailing apparatus” transformed, also strongly cartilaginous ears, also serve for locomotion.
The Puka can stop by taking out any elasticity from the stub-tail; he makes the body fluid from tail to flood back into the body, at ground contact. The average jump distance achieved is 4.8 m.

Size: 0.8 m.

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