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Created by Dr. Thomas Liehr (PhD),
affiliation: Institute of Human Genetics, 07740 Jena, Germany;
or LiehrT@web

Fitfth course Basics in human genetic diagnostics – A course for Clinical Laboratory Geneticists in education
Figueira da Foz, Portugal; 07.-11. September 2020

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ChromosOmics - DEFINITION
ChromosOmics was introduced by
Prof. Uwe Claussen in 2005.
Per his definition "the term "chromosomics" is introduced to draw attention to the three-dimensional morphological changes in chromosomes that are essential elements in gene regulation. Chromosomics deals with the plasticity of chromosomes in relation to the three-dimensional positions of genes, which affect cell function in a developmental and tissue-specific manner during the cell cycle. It also deals with species-specific differences in the architecture of chromosomes, which has been overlooked in the past. Chromosomics includes research into chromatin-modification-mediated changes in the architecture of chromosomes, which may influence the functions and life-spans of cells, tissues, organs and individuals. It also addresses the occurrence and prevalence of chromosomal gaps and breaks."
ChromosOmics was highlighted again in 2019 (see here) and Prof. Claussen was honored by a symposium in 2019 (see here).

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